Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Childrens Oral Health

Any parent wants their child to be comfortable with themselves and confident. Having a bright, healthy smile is a part of that, and Dr. Estler knows it. Going in for check-ups are imperative for children, because as they grow into adulthood, so do their teeth. Along the way there could be one or two bumps in the road, and Dr. Estler would be there to fix it.

With problems like crooked or gapped teeth, Dr. Estler has the solutions with the best results dealing with orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry. Children have the fun in picking out the color of the braces, while the staff and Dr. Estler enjoy making them feel welcome and happy, leaving with a happier smile.

Dr. Estler has had his practice since 1989 with a doctorate in in dental surgery. Graduating from the University of Texas Dental branch in Houston in 1987, he has long been a part of giving patients the best and efficient care when dealing in orthodontics.

For cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Estler offers a variety of options to give you the brightest smile out there. Dental whitening and porcelain veneers are two things offered at the practice.

Braces are a big thing for children, especially in middle school. The time of change most certainly applies to teeth as well. Not only will straight teeth give children confidence, but keep the teeth healthier. There are many different options out there for braces that best suit a child. Speed braces straighten teeth in approximately half the time traditional braces do. If someone prefers not to have a metal bracket, there are clear brackets, to make the look less noticeable. To go a step further, for the people that do not like the idea of brackets all together, Dr. Estler offers E-Aligners that are known as an invisible braces option.

With so many options the practice offers, it becomes a stress free experience for both the parent and child to find what is best suited for their individual needs.

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